Philter Studio

Welcome to the Philter Studio User's Guide.

Introduction to Philter Studio

Philter Studio is a Windows application that makes the capabilities of Philter to identify and remove sensitive information from text convenient to the Windows desktop. The purpose of Philter Studio is to make Philter easier to use for desktop users.

With Philter Studio you can process individual files and whole folders. The filtered files and documents will be stored locally on your computer in an output directory. Philter Studio supports plain text files (.txt) and Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx). When filtering Microsoft Word documents, Philter Studio can utilize Microsoft Word's "track changes" feature to capture the changes made to the document when removing sensitive information.

Philter Studio requires a running instance of Philter to find and remove sensitive information from text. If you do not already have a running instance of Philter refer to the links below:

The screenshots included in this user's guide may differ slightly from actual Philter Studio windows as they evolve over time.

Under the hood, Philter Studio is built on top of the Philter SDK for .NET. Additional features have been but the core functionality of utilizing Philter is powered by the opensource SDK.