Connecting Philter Studio to Philter

Describes how to connect Philter Studio to Philter.

Philter Studio requires a running instance of Philter to perform the file and document filtering. Philter Studio sends the file or document content to Philter where the text is processed and the filtered text is returned back to Philter Studio.

When you first run Philter Studio you will be asked to provide the connection details to Philter as shown in the image below.

Provide Philter connection details to Philter Studio.

You are required to provide the following information:




How to connect to Philter, either HTTP or HTTPS.

Hostname or IP address

The hostname or IP address of the Philter instance.


The port on which Philter is running. By default, Philter listens on port 8080.

Ignore certificate validation errors

When selected, causes Philter Studio to ignore any certificate validation errors when connecting to Philter. This option is useful for when you are using development or instances versions of Philter and should not be used in a production environment.

With the Philter endpoint known, configure the protocol, hostname or IP address, and port appropriately. When finished click OK. Philter Studio will attempt to connect to Philter to verify the settings and a message indicating success or failure will be shown.

If the connection was successful you are now ready to use Philter Studio to filter documents and files. Philter Studio has settings to customize how it works.

You can modify these connection settings at any time by opening Philter Studio's Settings and clicking the Philter Connection button.

The short video below demonstrates connecting Philter Studio to Philter.