Querying the Replacements Store

Describes how to use Philter Studio to query Philter's Replacements Store.

Philter's Replacements Store contains the locations of text in documents identified by Philter as being sensitive. Using Philter Studio, you can query the Replacements Store. Each document processed by Philter will have zero or more replacements. The purpose of the Replacements Store is to provide a historical record of how input text was manipulated.

For more information on Philter's Replacements Store, see Replacements Store in Philter's User's Guide.

A replacement consists of:

  • Document ID - An association to a document.

  • Character start - The starting index of the sensitive text.

  • Character end - The ending index of the sensitive text.

  • Type - The type of sensitive text, e.g. SSN, phone number, etc.

  • Text - The sensitive text.

  • Replacement value - The value that was used to replace the sensitive text.

To query the Replacements Store, click the Tools menu, and then click Query Replacements Store. This will show the Query Replacements Store window where you can provide a document ID and view the replacement values for that document. Enter a document ID and click the Search button. All replacement values associated with that document ID will be shown in the list.

Since the Replacements Store is an optional feature of Philter, if it is not enabled a message will be shown upon clicking the Search button.