Viewing Filter Explanations

Describes how to use Philter Studio to view filter explanations.

How a file or document is modified during the filtering process is called the explanation. The explanation describes why each modification was made. The explanation can give insights into how Philter is working and can help you modify Philter and its filter profiles to better align Philter with your organizational goals.

Viewing an explanation is only available when using Advanced Filter.

After filtering a file or document using the Advanced Filter, right-click the desired file and click Explain and Compare from the context menu. This will show the Explain and Compare window. In the left pane will be a tree list of items identified as sensitive information in the file or document. Each of these items can be expanded to see the details of each. Here you can see the type of sensitive information, the confidence value, its location in the text, and other attributes. These attributes provide the explanation as to why the section of text was identified as such.

On the right-side pane is a visual comparison of the original (input) and filtered files in both a visual comparison and as a plain text diff. You can switch between these two views using the tabs at the top. In the visual comparison, the modified sections of the text are highlighted for easy viewing. The text diff is a more structured difference similar to what a text diff tool would generate.